SW-4 Solo

Eye in the Skies

The potential of rotary wing platforms to perform both manned and remotely piloted missions is widely recognised. The SW-4 Solo, based on the proven SW-4 light single-engine helicopter, is a flexible asset that be deployed as an Optionally Piloted Helicopter (OPH) or as a Rotary Uncrewed Air System (RUAS) across a spectrum of civil and military roles.

Optimised for multiple roles

The RUAS variant of the SW-4 Solo can undertake a variety of civil and military missions, including disaster relief, law enforcement, combat support, and Intelligence, Surveillance Targeting and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), in land and maritime environments. When piloted, the helicopter is an ideal solution for passenger transport, surveillance and interdiction missions.

Ground control technology

The RUAS variant is operated through a Ground Control Station (GCS) which is common to both Leonardo’s RUAS, the SW-4 Solo and AWHERO. The GCS includes pilot and mission operator positions, and enables the control of all flight phases including engine start and shutdown, auto-take-off, flight plan and emergency procedure execution, auto-land and payload operations.

Flexible cabin

The SW-4 Solo features a large cabin with unobstructed sliding doors, flat floor and a large baggage compartment. It can be configured with a range of payloads, including radar, Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) system and electronic support measures. Ease of maintenance and low operating costs make it a practical solution for modern missions.

Proven capability

The platform’s capabilities for the ISTAR mission, manned/uncrewed teaming and data dissemination have been demonstrated in the real-world environment. The SW-4 Solo’s ship deck operation capabilities have also been tested in a simulated environment, with take-off and landing from a moving platform.

Technical data

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